IPMS Vagabonds at the 2013 IPMSUSA Nationals
Loveland, Colorado

vagabonds nationals
From left to right are: Joe Youngerman, Marty Sanford, Lee Coll, Bert Reynaud, Roy Sutherland, Mike Moore, Roger Rasor, Phil Hale & Mark Tutton. Bill Devins and Billy Crisler not pictured.

Many of the Vagabonds attended the IPMSUSA Nationals in Loveland, Colorado and had a great time. In addition to vending, buying, enjoying each others company, quite a few of the members participated in the competition and did well when the votes were counted. The following are the models that placed in the competition. Congratulations to those who participated and those who took home awards.

Mike Moore
Fe2b (WnW)  1st place - Category #101.  Biplanes (Split) 1/32

Fee 1

USS Albacore (Blue Ridge)  1st place - Category #415.  Submarines, 1946 to Present (1/400 & Larger)

Albacore 1

X-47B (Platz)  2nd place - Category #167. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

X-47B 3

Hawker Seahawk (MPM)  3rd place - Category #127. Small Jet 1/72

seahawk 2

Bert Reynaud
Messerschmitt Bf. 110 (Eduard)  1st place - Category #190.  1/72 OOB Large Aircraft


Breda Ba.88 (MPM)  2nd place - Category #112.  1/72 Medium Prop Multi-engine


P-47M-1-RE (Hasegawa)  2nd place - Category #106B.  1/72 Small Prop (Split) Allied Radial


Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 (Tamiya)  2nd place - Category #106C.  1/72 Small Prop (Split) Axis Inline


Macchi Mc. 200 (Special Hobby)  3rd place - Category # 106D.  1/72 Small Prop (Split) Axis Radial


Roger Rasor
Bf-109E4 (Dragon/Cyberhobby)  1st place - Category #194.  1/32 OOB 1/32 Aircraft

Cyber Hobby Bf 109E4_4

J2M3 Raiden (Hasegawa)  2nd place - Category #107.  1/48 Small Prop (Split) Japanese Single Seat

Hasegawa  J2M3_3

N1K1-J George (Hasegawa)   2nd place - Category #187.*  1/48 OOB Single Seat (Split) Other


Supermarine Attacker (Trumpeter/Classic Airframes)  -  2nd place Category #128.  1/48 Small Jet (Split) Pre-1955

Trumpeter Attacker F.1_5

Mitsubishi J2M 5/6 (Sword)  2nd place - Category #186.  1/72 OOB Single Engine Prop (Split) Radial Engine 


Roy Sutherland
Meteor Mk. 3 (Dragon/Cyberhobby) 1st place - Category #127.  1/72 Small Jet


Joe Youngerman
IL-2 Sturmovik (Tamiya)  1st place - Category #106.  1/72 Small Prop (Split) Allied Inline


Bf 110E (Eduard)  1st place - Category #112.  1/72 Medium Prop Multi-engine


Re-2002 (Sword)  2nd place - Category #106D.  1/72 Small Prop (Split) Axis Radial

photo 1

Aichi Seiran (Tamiya)  3rd place - Category #186.  1/72 OOB (Split) Inline Engine