IPMS Vagabonds is an IPMS/USA virtual chapter. We created this ‘Cyber-chapter’ to allow an expanded group of IPMS/USA members to come together to share in our love of plastic model building and support the national organization. We are chartered in Region 3 with members located all over the United States and Canada who use this website to share their work and communicate. While we do not hold regularly scheduled meetings, we host periodic virtual meetings and our members gather at local, regional and national contests whenever possible. 

Membership dues are $25 per year.  Dues support this website, the annual IPMS/USA charter fee and sponsorship of a category trophy package at the IPMS USA National Convention. As a condition of membership, each member is required to maintain current membership in IPMS/USA, complete one model per year that will be added to his gallery on the chapter website and contribute a minimum of one item for the website, which could be a build article, a product review or book review, model building tip or technique, or a reference article.

We are an aircraft oriented club, however most of our members occasionally dabble in other genres as shown in their photo galleries.  Inquires are welcome.


Joe Youngerman - President

Pat Donahue - Vice President

Scott Doyle - Webmaster / Treasurer