Making Oxygen Hoses
By Scott Doyle

One item that is present in just about every cockpit, WWII and modern, is an oxygen hose. These are very easy to make and will add a little bit of interest to your model.

The most difficult part of making an oxygen hose is finding the right wire. I use an aluminum wire, it is easy to cut and bends very easily, I source this, and quite a few other modeling materials, from the industrial supply Mcmaster Carr. There is no minimum order and delivery is usually within three days. Here is a link to the wire


Choose a drill bit that has the same diameter of the coils you are looking for in your oxygen hose. Chuck this into a pin vise leaving as much of the bit as possible outside the pin vise. Cut a length of wire and hold it on the bit at the chuck. Begin wrapping the wire around the bit until the entire bit is covered. Every so often, push the wire toward the chuck to keep the coils tight.


Once the entire bit has wire coiled around it, place your thumb and fore finger on the wire at the base of the coils, at the bit and the pin vise, and slowly pull the coils off the bit. Trim any excess wire that was not used to make the coil and you now have an oxygen hose ready for installation and painting.