Absolutely Full Proof Tail Alignment
By Pat Donahue

This system allows you to align tail plane / wing assembly without having to hold parts while the glue sets and is very easy to use.

1. Simple! First get the tail plane fit as good as possible with dry fitting, minimal gaps, etc.

2. Start with one tail plane. Then apply white glue sparingly INTO the slot that the tail plane mounting tongue fits into. Be careful that no white glue oozes out into the interior mating surfaces. Push tail plane firmly in so you have minimal gaps.

3. Align tail plane and use stacked pennies, Humbrol tins, etc. to get the tail plane at the proper angle to the fuselage. Let dry thoroughly.

4. Recheck tail plane angle. If it needs a bit of tweaking, the tail plane may be moved slightly to fine tune the proper angle. When satisfied, apply a bead of Testors, Weld On, Tamiya Xtra Thin , etc to the mating seam and let dry thoroughly.

5. Take the other tail plane and attach with white glue as above. Eyeball the tail plane alignment so that both tail planes touch the wing top at the same time when looking at the model from directly ahead on centerline and moving your eye down till the tail plane tips touch the top of the wing. Brace the tail plane till the white glue sets up.

6. When dry and the alignment is perfect (tweak if necessary) apply a bead of cement to the tail plane ( as above) and let dry thoroughly.

Done! This will give you excellent alignment when those pesky judges kneel down to check out your tail plane / wing alignment at a contest.

IMG_2738 IMG_2886